Ozone Therapy Services for South Florida and The US Virgin Islands

At the medical office of Gary Jett, MD, located in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and South Florida, our patients appreciate our no nonsense approach in getting to the main cause of their pain and providing immediate relief of their pain. Utilizing our extensive training and background in pain management with our expertise in using ozone in pain management we can provide you with the most advanced and natural pain management treatment.

We are excited to connect with you on a personal level so that you can receive the quality medical care that you deserve. Read on to learn more about our helpful services in St Croix and South Florida.


Why Choose Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is an up-and-coming holistic form of treatment for a wide variety of conditions. Ozone therapy is administered through injection. Your medical professional at Gary Jett, MD, can discuss your needs and preferences if you would like to conduct ozone therapy services.

Ozone therapy can be used to treat certain forms of arthritis, muscle and other joint pain, and can help boost your immune system. With its minimal side effects, it can be a great alternative to other traditional forms of medical pain care. We are happy to discuss your personal needs so that we can provide you with the highest quality of alternative medicine.

With our help, you can move forward with your life and enjoy a new type of medical treatment that could prove successful for your common pain ailments. For more helpful information, give our friendly team a call today at (340) 514-0065 and visit our page about Gary Jett, MD We look forward to speaking with you soon and providing you with helpful services.


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